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Within this blog, we are opening up to you about what it is like to start a tech company within the equestrian industry. Not only this, but we also cover a wide variety of issues and topics within the equine world. Check out what we have recently posted below!

Having launched EquiMarket in the August of 2021, we are always looking at ways of adding value to the equestrian community. Founded by myself, Harry Sykes, this is the 3rd generation of technological advancements launched. From a pony club/showjumping background I have been around horses all my life and my passion has never faded. This blog takes all my knowledge, and more, to bring you stories and extracts from an invaluable view point. Join me on this adventure and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Founder - Harry Sykes - Showjumping his horse, Jakarta, at Cherwell Equestrian - July 2021

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