Horse Care

At EquiMarket you can find all sorts of listings designed to help take good care of your horse/horses. Here you can filter through all the different types of horse care products to find what you are look for!

All Year Round Care

From horse supplements to hoof care, from brushes to clippers, you can search for anything with our intelligent search engine feature!

Horse Supplements (2)

Horse Feeds

Hoof Care (7)

Grooming Kits (6)

Medical Care

Medical care is vital to looking after your horse and make sure it stays fit and healthy. EquiMarket always has medical products available to purchase.

Medical Supplies (5)

Medical Bandages

Summer Care

We all love being with our horses during the summer period, but lets make sure they are comfortable too with the right summer protective gear.

Fly Spray (1)

Fly Rugs/Sweet-Itch Rugs (1)

Fly Masks (2)