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Sell all things equestrian on EquiMarket! With the lowest commission of any equestrian marketplace online and a no-sale, no-fee policy, try EquiMarket today!

Quick, Easy Set Up

EquiMarket makes selling your new and used products really simple. You can have your account created and item advertised in under 5 minutes! We also handle all your payments for you… It just lands in your account.

You're in The Right Place

Unlike other marketplaces, EquiMarket has been created by equestrians, for equestrians. We know what is important to buyers & sellers within the industry, so you can rest assured you’re in the right place!

Selling, Your Way!

All sellers accounts are completely free to set up and use. With your very own ‘shop’ you can personalise every detail. When selling items you have the choice of types of products including simple products and you can even run your very own auction!

The Basics

List Your Items for Free

It is completely free to list items on EquiMarket, therefore, no sale, no-fee! You’ll only pay once the item is sold, and this is automatically taken from the sale. The rest lands in your account. To find out more about fees, click here.

Easily Sell Them

We help with your listing making it really quick and easy to create your product. Once your item is listed, we then help to promote it and sell it as quickly as possible. You stay completely in control and can take the listing down at any time.

Sell with Confidence

When you sell with EquiMarket, there are policies in place to protect you against fraudulent and abusive buyers. We also offer 24/7 customer service to both buyers and sellers to support them through their experiences of EquiMarket.

How Does It Work?

The first thing you want to do is open up a “Seller Account”. It is completely FREE for you to create an account and create items to sell. You can set up your “store” and connect a “Stripe” account. This way you can receive your payments from customers instantly.

Once you’re happy with your account details you can then add your items to sell. You can add an unlimited number of items and we offer a wide variety of methods to sell, including online auction and you can offer the buyer to collect the item.

Visitors to the site can send messages and enquiries about products directly to the seller through our very own messaging system. There is no need to have your contact details visible. Visitors can add your items to their basket and pay all online! You’re in complete control of who pays for the shipping. You can offer free shipping or customers can be changed it as an add on at checkout.

Once the item is sold the money (minus EquiMarket fees) goes directly into your Stripe account and from there, into your bank account.

As soon as the item is sold, you can then post the item directly to the customer.

Features of Seller Accounts

  • Instant payment from the customer via Stripe Express
  • Sell directly to the equestrian industry
  • Complete seller privacy
  • Integrated buyer - seller messaging system
  • Simple and easy to use dashboard to manage your store
  • Quick, effortless refund/return/exchange process
  • Your own T's & C's, refund, shipping and warranty policy
  • Complete easy stock management system of all your products
  • Sell unlimited products, NO SALE-NO FEE and receive all the support you need from the EquiMarket team!

Costs Involved

Sell anything for just 1.9% +20p!

To celebrate the launch of EquiMarket we are allowing EVERYONE to sell ANYTHING for less than 2% commission! For a limited time only.

It is all automatic, just list your item, sell it and receive payment. 

Offer ends September 1st 2021!

That's it!


8% + 20p
Per item that is sold through EquiMarket

Key Features

  • Sell Unlimited Items
  • 24/7 - 365 Support
  • Seller Cover - Rest easy, we have your back.
  • All payments handled by Stripe Express including quick and easy refunds!
  • No Buyer Fees - encourages purchases
  • Once your item is sold, the money is sent directly to your account.
  • All-in-one management of your store!
  • Manage your products, orders, payments and messages all in one place!

Why Sell With EquiMarket?

Get The Support You Deserve!

Selling your items online isn’t easy with lots of, so called “time wasters”, plus the hassle and risk of online payment. By partnering with payment gateway, Stripe we offer all our buyers and sellers financial protection. We work together with Stripe to resolve any disputes between buyers and sellers. 

Our Support team are on hand to answer any questions or quires you have with fast turn around times.

No More High Seller Fees

We have minimised the seller fee to try and help equestrians to sell their products effectively and efficiently. EquiMarket offers the lowest online selling fee beating the likes of other big online selling platforms, all while offering the same amount of protection, features and support.

How you spend the money you save is up to you (but your horse could always do with more saddle pads, right?)

Let The Buyers Find You

Through our advanced SEO you can be sure that if someone is searching for your item, they will find it! With a whole host of massive features for buyers, people can buy with confidence and use a secure payment method to do so. 

With easy social media sharing you can shout about your item everywhere!

Sell Anything Equestrian, Your Way!

Simple Products (Buy Now)

  • Sell the traditional way where you set your price, allow customers to add it to their basket and then pay at checkout (Buy Now).
  • You can also set an item at a sale price for a limited time if you wish.
  • Generally good for items that you know an exact price you want to get for it.
  • You would use simple products maybe if you have more than one of that item available for sale (although you can still auction them if you wish).

Variable Products

  • Very similar to simple products where you set your price, but you are able to have variations of that product, such as different sizes, colours and genders.
  • Ideal for people and companies with stock that has different variations of one product (such as a pair of breeches that you have different sizes and colours of).
  • Individual stock management of all your products and variations makes it easy to keep track of stock.

Auction Products

  • Selling an item in an auction format is becoming increasing popular in the UK.
  • You are in complete control of your item even when it is in an auction; you set the reserve price, the bid increments and the buy now price if you wish to have one.
  • Generally good for items that you are unsure what price they would fetch.
  • A great way of getting a quick sale of clearance items!

Get your item set up in less than 3 minutes!

We have made it really quick and easy for you to list your items for sale. We also have support on hand to help with any questions.

Search through our FAQs to help answer any questions you may have