Tyler's Hoof Products

Tyler’s Hoofin’ Around Lick

Condition – New

Tyler’s Hoofin Around Lick 12.5KG

Low in Sugar

Hand selected ingredients

Targets healthy and strong hooves

Suitable for laminitics

Tyler’s Hoof Butter

Condition – New

Perfect to help against cracks, flaky hoof walls and old weak nail holes. Comes in a 1L tub with convenient carry handle.

Tyler’s Go & Show

Condition – New

The Go & Show is an absolute must have in any show basket… no more messy greasy brushes, just an easy applicator that is pressed on to the hoof and the hoof oil applied… no mess!

Tyler’s Glitter Edition Hoof Oil

Condition – New

This is the same as Tyler’s standard hoof oil mix but with the added sparkle of glitter added for those that like a little bling (not a varnish ) so very easy to remove – this is oil to put your best foot forward.

Tyler’s Anti Bac Sole

Condition – New

Tyler’s Hoof Products have been created using a unique blend of natural antiseptic ingredients, with over 15 years worth of development by Aron Tyler (DipWCF)

Tyler’s Hoof Oil

Condition – New

Your traditional type of hoof oil that’s clear in colour to suit all hooves , nourishing at this time of year for those hardening hoof walls due to dry weather so apply avoid cracks and chips with this drop of moisture – use a hoof oil brush to apply!

Please note, this may not be the exact location. Please contact seller to confirm location.


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