How do I add a shipping and refund policy?

Adding a Shipping and Refund policy make it really clear for buyer to know the general length of shipping and if they are entitled to a refund.

Step 1 – Go to your Shipping Policy tab under the Shipping Settings – or you can click here.

Step 2 – Here you can fill in your Shipping Policy and Refund Policy.

  • Processing Time – How long does your standard shipping take from order to delivery?
  • Shipping Policy – What is your shipping policy? You can also include any details of postage, such as carrier and any possible reasons for delay etc.
  • Refund Policy – What is your refund policy? Do you offer your buyers a refund policy and if so when can they ask for a refund? If you do not offer refunds please say here.


If you do not add a shipping policy or refund policy, then anyone who buys your products will follow our pre made polices, that basically mean the product is bought as seen unless within the EquiMarket Buyers Guarantee.