How do I add a warranty to products?

Many sellers add a warranty to their products as it gives buyers confidence when purchasing. This said you do not have to provide a warranty, but what you can do is offer a warranty at an additional cost!

Step 1 – Go to the “RMA” tab in your dashboard settings.


  • Label: What you want to call your warranty feature to customers (by default it is called a warranty, but you can call it anything, such as “Refunds” for example).
  • Type: This just asks if you want to provide no warranty with your products, provide a warranty with the purchase of your products, or if you want to provide a warranty as an add on to your products price.
    • If you say “No Warranty” then just skip to the “RMA Policy” and outline to customers that there is no warranty with products.
    • If you say “Warranty as Add On” then it will ask you what cost the additional warranty is and how long it covers the product for.
  • Length: How long do you want the warranty to last on the purchased product? (Limited, or Lifetime)
  • Length Value: How many days, weeks, months or years do you want the warranty to last?
  • Length Duration: With reference to the length value, is it days, weeks, months or years? So if you want the warranty to be 30 days, for Length Value you put 30 and Length Duration you put Days.
  • Refund Reasons: You must select all the reasons you want to allow customers to request a refund. These are all pre made by us, but if you feel there should be more or you would like to add something, select “Other” and contact us to get your reason added.
  • RMA Policy: EquiMarket have already outlined what we cover in our Buyers Guarantee, but you can either add to this or remove it.
    • You should include things such as what the warranty covers (i.e, parts, labour, malfunctions) and also what it does not cover (i.e, scratches, water damage, self caused breakage).

Then click “Save Changes”.