How do I add products that have variations? (Such as different colours and/or sizes)

Sellers have the ability to add products that have multiple variations (different colours or different sizes of that particular product for example). This is called a variable product. Below is a step by step guide on how to set up variable products:

1) First thing to do is to go to add a new product – Please Click Here


2) Then you will need to go through the short questionnaire to set up the product page, such as a title, short description, long description and pictures.

  • Please note: You will be required to put in a price. This doesn’t matter because you can set individual prices for variations, so you just type “1” and click next.
  • Please note: You will be required to put in quantity available. This doesn’t matter because you can set stock quantities for variations, so you just type “1” and click next.
  • You can then add the other details. When asked about “Brand”, “Condition”, “Colour” or “Size” you can use any of these as variables. Simply just add all of the different variations you have, for example, if you have a riding jacket that comes in different sizes, just add all the different sizes it is available in, or if you have different colours, just add all the colours that jacket comes in etc.


3) Once you have done that and pressed “Submit” it will open up the product edit page. You want to change the “Product Type” from “Simple” to “Variable”, like below.



4) Now you want to scroll down the page to “Attributes and Variations”. Open up that tab. Then open the attributes you want variations of (such as colour and/or size)

A) Then you need to tick the box that says “Used for variations” on all the attributes you want variations of.

B) Then click the “Save Attributes” button.

C) Then click on the “Add Variation” button and select “Create Variations From All Attributes”, and press “GO”.

See example below.



5) Then you can go through and remove any of those variation combinations you don’t have available. For example we could say that in this example, we have all colours and sizes combinations, except the colour “green” is only available in “cob” size. So we will need to remove “Green/Full”, “Green/Extra Full” and “Green/Pony”.



6) Once you’ve done that you want to now go through the variation you have made and fill in the details about it, such as stock and price. There are two ways you can do this.


  • If your variations are different prices or have different stock amounts then you will want to go through and fill in each variation individually, by clicking on it and putting in the relevant details like this:
    • A) You can add a variation picture, so when a customer selects that variation, this picture will come up to show them.
    • B) You can then tick the “Manage Stock?” box to enable stake management of each variation.
    • C) Next you can enter the “Regular Price”
    • D) You can now enter what the current stock quantity is for that variation.
    • There are a few other things you can customise to each variation but these are the main ones.
    • You then want to repeat this for all the variations that you have: if you have many different variations, try the approach below this one.



  • If all your variations are all the same price and all have the same stock amounts, you can do what is called “Bulk Editing” of your variations.
    • Where it says “Add Variation” above the variations, click this. Then click on “Toggle “Manage Stock”” and press “GO”. This then activates the stock management on all of the variations.
    • Once you’ve done that you then want to do the same thing, where you click the “Add Variation” and then scroll down to “Stock”, click this and press “GO”, and put in what the stock is (remember it will give all attributes the same stock quantity).
    • Having set the stock, you can now again, click the “Add Variation” button and click on “Set Regular Prices” then “GO”, and then type what the price is for all the variations.
    • There are various other things you can do with bulk editing, but above are the main ones.


If you are still unsure or want some more assistance, please reach out to us via our Support Centre, by clicking here.