How do I add shipping methods?

Once you have created your sellers account, you may want to add your shipping methods. By default all products are listed with “Free Shipping Included”. When you add shipping methods to your products, this over rides the free shipping default.

When selling, you do not need to add shipping methods necessarily. You can add the shipping costs into the price of the item.

This said, by adding various shipping methods you can show your lower prices and can allow the buyer to choose what type of shipping they want. Below we go through step by step how to set up your shipping methods:

Step 1: Go to your shipping settings in your dashboard – or click here.

You will then see this page-

Step 2: Click on “Add Shipping Method” on the UK Shipping row. (Or click “Edit” under the UK heading).

Step 3: Click “Add Shipping Method”, and then when the pop up appears select “Flat Rate” and then “Add”.

Step 4: Hover over the text that says “Flat Rate” and then click on “Edit”. Once you click “Edit” a pop up will appear that looks like this- we will then walk through it.

  • TITLE – This will be visible at checkout so please title it concisely for example : Delivery/ Next day delivery / 3 -5 days delivery. How you do this depends on how you offer shipping, or if you offer various shipping speeds.
  • COST – If you want to apply a flat rate fee for this shipping method regardless of weight, size or price of the parcel enter it here – this will then apply to all of your products
    • This is best for those people intending on just selling the odd product or two (once you have added this, you can just save the page at the bottom and start selling your items).
    •  (If you intend to use shipping classes, where shipping can be set individually for products based on their postage costs, eg size, weight etc, – keep set at 0)
  • TAX STATUS – If your company is VAT registered you are able to add taxes to the shipping if you like. If not, just leave as “None”.
  • DESCRIPTION – This is just for you and not visible on the website. A descriptor for the shipping method you have created.
  • SHIPPING CLASS COST – You can add any of these specific shipping classes to any of your products. We have created 7 classes that you can use for your products.
    • Bulky – For heavier items that are expensive to post as may require speciality delivery.
    • Discount – For special offers.
    • Envelope – For items that can be posted via a post box in an envelope.
    • Lightweight – For lighter items that do not require specialist delivery.
    • Small – For small items that are easily shipped and require less postage.
    • Standard – For items that are standard size and have standard postage costs.
    • Free Shipping – For those products that you want to offer free shipping on (you can also set to a minimum order amount, see below).
    • No Shipping Class – This is the price that will be charge for shipping, if you do not specify a shipping class on the individual products.
  • It is a good way of segmenting product delivery costs  by size/price for example and can be assigned to each product. If you do so then leave the COST option above empty, and add the cost to the relevant class instead.
      • Per class – Charge shipping for each shipping class individually. (For example if you have one heavy item and 2 lighter items, the will be changed for the heavy postage + the lighter postage).
      • Per order – Charge shipping for most expensive shipping class. (Following the same example above, but the customer would just be charged the heavy postage for the whole order).

If you choose to use shipping classes you can fill in the various prices that you want to use and then to add them to a product, you need to create the product as normal and then once you have submitted it, scroll down the page to the “Shipping and Tax” (as below).

  • Then under shipping class click on it and it will open up the options. Just select which shipping class you wish to use.



  • You can repeat the process for all the shipping options you wish to show on checkout.
    • You may want to add just one shipping class (one speed of shipping) like above.
    • Or you may want to add more than one shipping method i.e
      • 1. Free 7 day delivery
      • 2. Delivery in 3-5 days for £ X
      • 3. Next day delivery for £ X.


You can also select “Free Shipping” and set a minimum order amount to give the buyer free shipping if you wish, by clicking Free Shipping, instead of Flat Rate at Step 3.


You can also enable shipping to Europe or Globally (although this isn’t nessccary at this stage as all our customers are UK based currently).


If at any point you are unsure on what to do or would like our support, please drop us a message on the support page and we will assist you setting up your account.