How do I bulk upload (import/export) my products to the EquiMarket website?

EquiMarket facilitates all types of stores, from general public that want to sell the odd product or two, all the way to multi store companies that want to ell their old stock on EquiMarket.

This article shows you how to bulk import/upload and bulk export products to sell on EquiMarket.

Import/Uploading Products

1) Firstly, go to the “Tools” section of your dashboard (or click here).

2) Then you have two way to import the products to the site; either with a XML file or with a CSV file. (We recommend CSV files as they are designed for uploading products).



3) Choose the file type you want to use:

  • If you choose XML file then you upload the file and then press “Import”.
  • If you choose CSV file then you will see this page:

  • You then want to upload the CSV file
  • You have the option to update current products matching the ID or SKU (we recommends this).
  • Then you can press “Continue”


4) Now you can map the columns to the product. And press “Run Importer”.



Export Products

1) Simple go to the “Tool” tab and click on “Export”. Then select which products you want exporting and press export.


If you require assistance please feel free to contact us on our Support Page, by clicking here.