How do I connect to Stripe to accept payments?

If anyone wants to sell anything through EquiMarket they need to connect their bank details to Stripe Express, so that customers payments can be sent directly to the sellers account.

Please note: If you do not connect your bank details then customers will not be able to buy your products at checkout.

It is really quick and easy to set up your details to accept payments. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Firstly, go to the “Payment” tab of your dashboard settings, or click here. Then click the button that says “Connect with Stripe”.



2) It will then ask for your email address, and if you already have a “Stripe” account, then it will ask you just to put in your password, and you’re done!

If you do not have an account with Stripe it will ask you to create a password (you can use the same one you use with EquiMarket if you wish).


3) If you already have a Stripe account, you’re now all set up. If you do not have a Stripe Account it will just go through and ask you for a bit of information such as address and your bank details.

  • It will ask what industry you are trading in, you can select any, but we recommend “Clothing and Accessories” if you are unsure.
  • It will also ask for a “Business Website”. If you are unsure, feel free to use your EquiMarket Profile address, or you can just type “”


Once you have gone through and set up your bank details and confirmed your details, you’re all set!

  • To check it is connected you will see that there is a green banner saying “Your account is connected with Stripe.” Like this: