As a seller you can create a coupon to give to customers, either as store credit or for special sales, or events. Below is an outline of how to create a coupon:

1) Go to the “Coupon” page of your sellers dashboard (click here).

  • When you’re here, click on “Add New Coupon”.


2) Then you just need to run through and add the coupon’s details.

  • Coupon Title: This is the actual code that you will provide to the customer/customers.
  • Description: This is just for yourself, so you know what each coupon is in relation to. For example you could put the customer’s details of the store credit here for your own reference (but you can leave this blank if you wish).
  • Discount Type: Whether it is a percentage discount of the order (so the value is in %), or if it is a fixed discount such as £5 off just your products (so the value is in £).
  • Amount: What percentage is discounted from the products, or what fixed amount is taken off the total amount at checkout.
  • Email Restrictions: If you only want to allow a particular customer to use the discount (if you are providing store credit for example), then you would use this. If the coupon is open to everyone, then you can leave it blank.
  • Usage Limit: How many times can the coupon be used (in total, of all customers). Be default each customer can only use the coupon code once (unless it is store credit). You can leave this blank if you just want to set an expiry date.
  • Expiry Date: If you would like for the coupon to remain usable only up to a certain time, select the expiry date from here.
  • Exclude Sale Items: Vendors can select this checkbox if they want to opt-out sale items from the coupon offer.
  • Minimum Amount: Select the minimum amount an order should be for a customer to apply for the coupon.
  • Product: Sellers can select one, multiple, or all products they are selling at their respective store.
  • Exclude products: You can also exclude the coupon from applying to a particular product or multiple products.


3) Press “Create Coupon” and you’re done! If it is as store credit you can then copy and paste the coupon code to the customer to use in the future.