How do I manage orders/shipping orders?

When you get an order from a customer, that is great! The hard part is done! Now all you need to do I to post the item to them (or arrange for them to collect the item if they chose to do so). Below is a step by step guide on how to handle orders and how to keep the customer updated with shipping details etc.

If the buyer has asked to collect the item

1) Firstly, you need to arrange a time/place for them to collect the item they have just purchased.

  • The buyer may use the order notes to start a conversation with a seller, so be sure to check the order notes first.
  • They my contact you via the onboard messaging system
  • If they do not contact you, then as the seller, you need to reach out to them via the “Order Notes” section of the individual order details page. (If you do not get a response through the order notes, you are provided with their email address in the order details to contact them with).

To find the “Order Notes”, go to the orders page on your sellers dashboard > Click Here > Then click on the order number of the order you want to deal with. You will see the “Order Notes” section at the bottom of the page.

  • Alternatively you can just “Create Shipment” (see below) on order details page, and click “Order Ready For Collection” and include any details of how to collect the item.


If you need to ship the item to the buyer

The seller is in control of how they ship the item to the buyer (we always recommend Royal Mail for their diversity and cheap rates. You can check them out here: click here).

It is important to keep the buyer informed on what is happening with the shipping. We have made the shipping process really simple for the seller. Just follow these few steps:

1) Once you get the order in, you want to aim to send the item to the buyer as soon as possible via whatever means you choose.

2) You can find the buyers “Delivery Address” on the order details page, the invoice and the conformation email sent to the seller when an order comes in.

3) As soon as you have shipped the item you want to go to the corresponding order’s detail page and you will see a button that says “Create New Shipment”. You just need to click this and you will see this pop up:

4) Simply select the items that are included in the shipment.

5) Under the “Shipping Status” section click on “Processing”. Then add the shipping details such as “Shipping Provider”, “Date Shipped”, “Tracking Number” and any additional comments.

Make sure you tick the box that says “Notify shipment details to customer”.

6) Then as soon as you are notified that the order has delivered with the buyer, you need to change the shipment status to “Delivered”. To do this, just go onto the order details page and click on the shipment section and change the status from “Processing” to “Delivered”. Make sure you tick the box that says “Notify shipment details to customer”.

7) Finally, just change the order status from “Processing” to “Completed”. Like this: