How do I manage stock when selling on EquiMarket?

When you sell a product through EquiMarket you have the ability to completely manage your stock all from your dashboard. Below outlines how you manage your stock and all the stock management features you get when selling with EquiMarket.

  • Please note: stock management is not available for Auctions. If you want to sell multiple items in a single auction lot, please make this clear in the title, short description and long description of the auction.
  • If you have a variable product (a product that has different variants such as different colours available, or different sizes available), then please follow our How To page on Variable Products, by clicking here.

So if you want to use stock management for your products this is how it is done:

1) Firstly, you just need to add the product you want to sell. To do this you just need to go to your “Products” section of your dashboard and press “Add New Product” (or click here). This then brings up the product creation where it will ask you to fill in the details of the product.



2) On section 5 it asks “How many do you have available for sale?”. This is asking what the current stock quantity of that product is. So here you put in how many of that product you have available.



3) After creating your product, if you scroll down the screen you will see a section of the product that says “Inventory”.

  • Here you can add your own SKU for the product.
  • You can change the stock status (In Stock, Out of Stock and Backorder).
  • You can enable and disable stock management all together (we highly recommend that you keep it enabled at all times).
  • You can state/change the stock quantity.
  • Enable a “Low stock threshold”, this means it will send you an email when the stock gets to that level. If you do not want to get a low stock email, then leave as “0”.
  • You can enable backorders if you wish (Allow, Do Not Allow and Allow but Notify Customer).
  • Then finally, you can enable a feature that allows customers to only purchase one quantity of that product in a single order. (This is good to use if you have low stock or a highly sought after product).


  • You can update all of this at anytime on your individual products.


  • Whenever a customer buys a product, that product’s stock quantity then drops by 1. Then, if you ever get that product returned to you for a refund, the stock quantity then rises by 1. This means you do not need to worry about keep track of stock. We do it all for you!


  • When a product goes out of stock (unless you allow backorders), the product status will then change from “Online” to “Hidden”, this means it will be taken down from the live site and you won’t be getting more people ordering that product. If you then get more of that product is stock, all you have to do is update the stock quantity, and your product will then be live again.


  • One last thing to note, is that we highly recommend that when selling any products through EquiMarket, that you do not advertise elsewhere at the same time, as this can get very complicated for yourself, especially when managing stock.