How do I request a return?

If you want to return an item there are a couple of things to check first:

  • Does the item have a warranty with it?

    • If the item has a warranty with it when you bought it (it will be shown on the order confirmation email), then you can use the warranty process to return the item.
    • If you are still in warranty with the item, then you can go to the order in question in the “My Orders” sections from here you can click on “Request Warranty”. This will then take you through the warranty process.
    • Once you get a response you can arrange the return of the item and a refund if necessary.


  • Does the seller have a refund policy?

    • You should have a look at the sellers refund policy, it can be found under the products tab section with shipping policy.
    • If they do not have a refund policy then the item is sold as seen and can not be refunded unless within the EquiMarket Buyers Guarantee.


  • Do you want to return the item because it is with the EquiMarket Buyers Guarantee?

    • If the item you have received from the seller is within the EquiMarket Buyers Guarantee, then you must reach out to the seller directly to get the item returned. Click here to see how.
    • Once you get a response you can organise the return or the item and a refund if nessccary.
    • If you do not get a response or there is a disagreement then you can contact EquiMarket directly to resolve the issue.


If the item is not faulty in anyway and was sold within the T’s and C’s, and you wish to return the item just because it is not the right size etc, then we recommend you contact the seller and see if they ae willing to allow a return.