How do I set up my seller profile?

Setting up your seller profile is really important to gain buyers trust and to improve chances of selling your item/items. Below we go through how to set up your profile.

  1. Go to the “Profile” section of your settings (or click here).
Please Note: We recommend that sellers at least complete the follow:
  • User Name
  • Map – The map will allow buyers to search for your product/s by location.


PROFILE PICTURE – This will be your public facing picture, it can be a picture of an item you have for sale, a picture of yourself, or a picture of your facilities for example. It can be whatever you want it to be. OR you can leave it blank and you will just have the default profile picture that is the EquiMarket Logo.

USERNAME – This is the public facing name that you want to give your “store”. So for example you could call it “Equestrian Clothing”, or just your name. Again, it is entirely up to you what you call it.

PRODUCTS PER PAGE – This is at 12 by default and you can just leave it as it is if you wish.

ADDRESS – This will not be public facing. It is just for your own orders, should you wish to buy any items yourself.

PHONE NUMBER – Again, this is not public facing, it is however the number that we will use to send you updates of any orders that come in or messages received.

EMAIL AND MORE PRODUCTS – Both of these are not in use and therefore you can ignore these.

MAP – This is public facing and will be used for people to do local searches for products. We advise you to use your nearest town or village and not your exact location.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – You are able to set your own terms and conditions to run alongside EquiMarket’s. This does not need to include refund policy or shipping policy as this can be added separately.

DISCOUNT – Sellers are able to enable a storewide discount on all of their products. This could be for special occasions or holiday such as Christmas.

BIOGRAPHY – Here sellers can tell prospective buyers a bit about themselves.